Get ready Banbury - The Beasts are coming!

Our ‘Stablemaster’ and Hobby Horse Jockey, Jules Procter, has been adding to the ‘stable’ of Banbury Hobby Horses and some of these have toured this year!           

Two of our Hobby Horses ‘Horton’ and ‘Cheryl’ took part in the Horton Hospital protest against a proposed reduction of services. 


Horton Hospital protest 21.08.16.jpg

Good News!

Jules will be organising next year’s Hobby Horse Festival and has plans to further develop the event.

We will also be joined by other visiting ‘Animals’ over the weekend! These include the famous Broadstairs Hooden Horses and from Wales, the Llantrisant Mari Lwyd, as well as several magnificent beasts from the Stroud ‘stables.’ 

Hobby Horses and Beasts will be roaming around Banbury Old Town on Saturday and Sunday adding to the joy and mayhem on the streets of Banbury!

Special events featuring the Hobby Horses are the Grand Hobby Horse Procession led by Worcester Ukulele Club Strolling Band starting at 11.00am at the White Horse pub on Saturday and the Farewell to the Hobby Horses Parade in the Final Concert Interval at the Town Hall on Sunday.

Fancy joining in? It is not too late! Please contact Jules at

Or via the Facebook  Hobby Horse Page