Anna Ryder

Anna is a superb singer-songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist whose songs are consistently original and inventive. She combines a captivating stage presence with an endearing naivety that reaches out to the whole audience.

Anna has performed mainly on the folk scene playing all kinds of venues from small clubs to large festivals. She has made six albums including ‘Pockets On Fire’ which was released on the Fairport Convention label ‘Woodworm’ with Fairport playing on eight of the tracks, and, in 2016, the long-awaited The Art of Making Faces was released which is an album of extraordinary beauty and subtle complexity bursting with original songs and littered with lots of interesting musicians and sounds.

Anna will also be teaming up with Keith Donnelly on Sunday and as old friends you can guarantee a shared humour and a magical musical chemistry!



Anna Ryder Videos

annA rydeR playing her song - Musicians