Banbury Folk Festival 2018
12th - 14th October

The friendly festival right in the heart of Banbury

Welcome to the Banbury Folk Festival. It was started 19 years ago by Mary and Derek Drosher, who have decided to retire. The new committee are going to carry on their legacy, by providing a quality line-up at a budget price. We have a wonderful selection of artists for you to enjoy and, alongside the big names, we are providing a showcase for up-and-coming acts, many of whom are young artists, who have impressed us at our open stage nights.

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Fairport Convention

We are delighted to bring Fairport Convention to Banbury Folk Festival for the first time. With such a local history they are the obvious choice as headliners for our Banbury showcase year. Fairport Convention have attracted critical acclaim: the band has won a coveted BBC Lifetime Achievement Award; Radio 2 listeners voted Fairport’s ground-breaking album Liege & Lief the most influential folk album of all time; and their story has been celebrated with a major documentary on BBC Four.
Fairport Convention features Simon Nicol on guitar and vocals, Dave Pegg on bass guitar, Chris Leslie on fiddle, mandolin and vocals, Ric Sanders on violin and Gerry Conway on drums and percussion.




Trad Arrr

Featuring P J Wright, Gregg Cave, Guy Fletcher and Festival Patron, Marion Fleetwood, amongst many others. Their tunes and songs, which feature on their two critically acclaimed albums, have enthralled audiences at festivals across the country, including Fairport's Cropredy Convention and last appeared here in 2015.


Jerry Colvin 1 (1).jpg



The Gerry Colvin Band

Much loved in Banbury for his enthusiastic performances at the club and festival, and also his appearances at Cropredy’s Fairport Convention and his own Knitted Character Festival, Gerry Colvin has been creating songs that reflect his vast musical influences and lyrical insight since the early 1980’s. His popularity is such, that he was appointed Patron of the festival, with his long-time bandmate, Marion Fleetwood. In his band, Gerry is accompanied by three other talented musicians; Jerome Davies on Double Bass; Lyndon Webb on Mandolin and Guitar; Trish Feelan on accordion. 
"Gerry Colvin is a writer of great substance who is able to give us something that has been largely missing in English Music for a long time. His subjects and characters are clearly defined and his songs create strong images and stories which can make us both laugh and cry in the same breath. This man is unique and unforgettable. The songs are brilliant. He should be a household name. Go see him." - Phil Beer, Show of Hands



Keith Donnelly

A long time friend of Banbury Folk Festival and Banbury Folk Club, Keith has become renowned on the Folk Circuit for his own unique brand of comedy and songwriting, also touring with Flossie Malavialle as ‘Dark Horses’. In no particular order, Keith has been described as “a superbly original Stand-Up,” “a great singer-songwriter,” “a fine guitarist,” “a kids entertainer par excellence,” “a stunning storyteller,” and “the cleanest comic I’ve ever seen.” Read more...

Anna Ryder

Anna is a superb singer-songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist whose songs are consistently original and inventive. She combines a captivating stage presence with an endearing naivety that reaches out to the whole audience. Anna has performed mainly on the folk scene playing all kinds of venues from small clubs to large festivals. Read more...

Granny's Attic

Granny’s Attic – Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (Melodeon, Concertina, Vocals), George Sansome (Guitar, Vocals) and Lewis Wood (Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals) – are a folk trio who play the tradition with verve, energy and their own inimitable style. These three young men are all exceptional musicians, fine singers and play a range of English, Irish and Scottish traditional music as well as their own compositions. Read more...

Paula Ryan

Paula is a compelling singer-songwriter, born and bred in Tipperary, Ireland, whose powerful, insightful songs are inspired by the lyricism and musical passion of her Irish Gaelic roots & driven by the funky rhythmic influences and “wacky” instruments of music from other cultures.

Hobby Horses

"Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,  To see a fine lady upon a white horse,  With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,  
She shall have music where-ever she goes"  


Banbury Folk Festival invites you to share in the Banbury Hobby Horse Festival where traditional beasts and animals gather in celebration of the age-old rhyme. 
The hobby horse has a magic all of its own - as preposterous as it is magical, this curious creature belongs among the cavalcade of other strange beasts that roam the English countryside.  


Dance Sides

Dance sides perform in the centre of Banbury on Saturday and Sunday, as well as taking part in the Grand Hobby Horse Procession.

Adderbury Village Morris
Barefoot Bellydance
Belle d’Vain
Brackley Morris
Foxs Border Morris
Haddenham Hoofers
Mason’s Apron
Shakespeare Morris
Sharp & Blunt